Fresh whitish truffle of Norcia

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Fresh whitish truffle or marzuolo of Norcia, choose the sizes 100gr, 200gr or 500gr. The real fresh Norcia truffle. Fresh truffle is shipped as soon as it is quarried. Quarry period and availability: from January 15th to April 15th.


The whitish truffle is certainly not sought after as the prized black truffle. Large quantities are found, even if they are small in size. Not everyone is aware of the many qualities of the bianchetto truffle, absolutely not to be confused with the white truffle, originally the two species have similar characteristics as the irregular globular shape, a smooth peridium, of an off-white color, which assumes with maturation, in the whitebait, a darker tone with rusty spots; also the gleba is initially whitish, although then it tends to become of a tawny color and therefore purplish brown, with coarse white veins.
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