Whitish truffle of Norcia

Whitish or ``Marzuolo`` of Norcia

It’s possible to distinguish the two types of truffle –the whitish and the “Marzuolo”- thanks to their smell. At the beginning the whitish’s smell is more delicate and pleasant but during the maturation it gets stronger, certainly different from the delicate balance that characterizes the Magnatum’s smell.
The whitish grows simultaneously with woods of broadleaves and coniferous, like pine, roverella and beech trees. It grows in different types of soil, silty-gritty, calcareous-clayey or sandy as in the seaside. Nevertheless, during the summer we can find it also in very dry soils.
Its quarry is between January and March but the seasonality varies according to the area.
Among the races of truffle dogs, one of the most indicated for the whitish’s quarry, depending on the characteristics of the soil, is certainly the “Lagotto Romagnolo”. This dog has a great smell and is very fast and agile. Riccio is very good at finding the whitish!
As regards the cuisine, this truffle is very refined, as the black one, and you can’t not try it raw grated on hot dishes, in fact with the hot temperature its flavourings come out.
As quarry man I have to suggest you to try it with sauces, like some first dishes with butter and cheese. You shouldn’t avoid using it in high temperature cooking which would take its aroma out..
Period of quarry: from 15th of January to 15th April.