Regoli Tartufi

The hunting, the fresh or stored truffle

“Norcia, the place of my childhood and my memories, the land where I was born and where I could cultivate my biggest passion, the hunting of the prestigious black truffle. I spent whole days with my dogs, lost in the mountains, among Cerro, Roverela and Beech trees searching for this treasure. So, I decided to start my little own truffle business encouraged by this big love. I feel lucky to be born and raised in this irreplaceable land and I’m proud to help, even in my own little, the spread of this Norcia’s ancient tradition through culinary delights.`` - Antonio Regoli

The quarry of the truffle

In the municipality of Norcia in our truffle oaks, where the true black truffle grows spontaneously.


The company mainly sells black truffle of Norcia and fresh whitish.


We process the truffle in order to make our customers taste it throughout the year.


Regoli Tartufi Norcia


Our agency works in the municipality of Norcia, the quarry develops in a big area dedicated to the growth of the truffle, which is spontaneously born among the large variety of plants.

The prestigious black truffle

The black truffle of Norcia (melanosporum vit) is the most prestigious one, the quarry starts on 1st December and ends on 15th March.

Summer or burgundy truffle

For the tuber aestivum vittadoni, the most versatile in cuisine, the quarry starts on the last Sunday of May and ends on 31st August.

Hooked Black Truffle

In autumn, exactly from 1st October, there is the quarry of the tuber uncinatum, high quality truffle, which lasts until 31st of January.