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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy (simplified)

In our quest to be fully transparent in regard to how the website collects and utilizes data, we are presenting you this privacy report.

In full respect of the national regulation (D. Lgs 30 June 2003 n. 196, Code for the subject of personal data protection and further modifications) and the European regulation (European General Data Protection Regulation n. 679/2016, GDPR) our website respects and deeply cares for the privacy of all our users, in an effort to do what’s possible not to disrespects our users’ rights.

Specifically, this website does not use data for targeted content, however it uses third party services in order to optimize website experience, and the third parties might collect users’ data and use it for personalized profiling.

To know more, please continue reading.

Complete Privacy Policy

This website mostly handles data according to users’ consensus.

The consensus is granted through the banner located within the page. Communication forms and requests of services also lead to the collection of consensus for specific purposes connected to the service.

Data collection and consensus to the collection and the handling of data is optional. Users can deny consensus (through the proper banner at the bottom of the page or the browser’s settings regarding cookies) and can revoke consensus at any time (by getting in touch with the personal data handling manager from our Contacts Page). Denying consensus might result in the unavailability of some services and user experience might be compromised.

Starting from May 25th 2018 (with GDPR coming into effect), this website handles some of the data, based on the interests of the controller.

Handling Purpose

The handling of the data collected from the website, apart from functional purposes necessary for the service delivery, is motivated by the following:

  • Analysis and Statistics

Collection of data and information in aggregated form, anonymously. None of the information is linked to an actual person, and there’s no chance for identification.

  • Safety
    For security reasons (antispam, firewall, virus detection), the registered data can automatically include personal data such as IP address, which could be used, in compliance to the related law, in order to stop attacks to the website or other users, and more generic attacks that can be harmful and illegal. Such data is never used to identify or profile the user, but simply to protect the website and its users (since May 25
    th, such information is used according to the legitimate interests of the controller)
  • Ancillary Activities
    Communicating data to third parties operating so to gran necessary functionality and operative efficiency to the service, and to allow third parties to carry out technical, logistical or similar activities on our behalf. Suppliers can only access personal data necessary for their own needs and commit not to use such data for other purposes. They are obliged to handle such data in compliance with current regulations.

Collected Data
This website collects data in two ways.

  • Automatically collected data
    While users are browsing, the following information are stored within the website’s server’s (hosting) log:
    – Internet Protocol Address (IP);
    – Kind of Browser;
    – Parameters of the device used to connect to the website;
    – Name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP);
    – Date and Time of visit;
    – Previous (referral) and following user’s webpage;
    – Number of clicks.
    Such statistical and analytical data is only used in aggregated form. The IP address is used exclusively for the safety and isn’t crossed with any other information.
  • Voluntarily granted data
    The website collects data in the event of voluntary use of service by the user, such as comments, communication, and such data is exclusively used for the supply of such requested services:
    – name;
    – email address.
    The collected data is exclusively used for the supply of such requested services and only during the time necessary for such service supply, the user can always ask for the interruption of handling and deletion of Data, at any time.
    The information that the users will consider appropriate to make public throughout the services and tools made available by them, are granted to the user voluntarily and consciously, lifting the website from any responsibility in regard to possible infringement of laws. It is the user who has to verify that he or she is allowed to share personal data or that of third parties, or content that is protected by national or international regulation.

Place of Handling
The collected data is handled within the headquarter of the handling controller, and at the datacenter of the Web Hosting (Aruba S.p.A. – Via San Clemente, 53 – 24036 Ponte San Pietro (BG)), who is responsible for the data handling, dealing with the data on behalf of the controller, and is located within the European Economic Area and acts in compliance to European regulation.

Duration of data storage

The data collected by the website is stored for the time necessary to carry out the specified activity, and no further. Upon the deadline for such services, data will be deleted or made anonymous, unless further needs request the storage of such data.

The data (IP address) used for the safety of the website (to stop possible attacks) is kept.

Transfer of collected data to third parties
The collected data is usually not given to third parties, apart from specific situations: the legitimate request from a judiciary authority and in the cases described by the law; for the supply of a specific service request by the user; for safety checks and website optimization.

Transfer of collected data to countries outside the EU

This website might share some collected data to services located outside the European Union, especially through social plugins and Google services. The transfer is authorized according to specific decisions of the European Union and the Warrantor for the protection of personal data, specifically the decision 1250/2016 (Privacy Shield – here’s the page with info about the Italian warrantor) . The aforementioned companies ensure their adhesion to the Privacy Shield.


This websites uses cookies, text files that are registered on the users’ terminals or the allow the access to information on the users’ terminals. Cookies allow to store information related to users’ preferences, used in order to allow the proper functioning of the website and improve functionalities by customizing page’s contents according to the utilized browser, or to simplify browsing by automating procedures (login, website language), and lastly for the analysis of the website’s use by users.

This website uses the following categories of cookies:

  • Technical cookies, used only to transmit e-communications, to ensure the website is properly experienced and efficient from a browsing standpoint. Moreover, they allow for the distinction of connected users, so to provide the requested services to the correct user, and for security purposes. Some of these cookies are deleted when the browser is closed (session cookie), while others last longer (such as the cookie necessary for the user’s consensus to the use of cookies).
  • Analysis cookies, cookies of third parties, used directly by the website manager to collect information, in aggregated form, on the number of users and on how they visit the website itself. They are assimilated to technical cookies when the service is anonymous.
  • Profiling and marketing cookies, third party cookies, used exclusively by third parties that are the website’s manager, in order to collect information on the behavior of users during their browsing experience, and on the habits and interests related to consumption, also in order to provide customized profiling.

By clicking OK on the banner that you’ll find on this website, the user explicitly accept the use of cookies and similar technologies, specifically the registration of such cookies on his terminal for the aforementioned purposes, or the access through cookies to information on his terminal.

Disabling Cookies

Any user can disable cookies in any moment and revoke the previously granted consensus. Cookies are linked to the used browser and can therefore BE DISABLED DIRECTLY FROM THE BROWSER, refusing or revoking the consensus to the use of cookies, or denying it through the banner at the bottom of the page. No cookie will be implemented.

Disabling cookies might prevent the proper use of certain functions on the website itself, especially for what concerns services provided by third parties that might not be accessible nor visible. For example: social networks’ social buttons, Google maps.

The instructions for disabling cookies are to be found at the following pages.
Mozilla Firefox – Microsoft Internet Explorer – Microsoft Edge – Google Chrome – Opera – Apple Safari, For browsers that are not included in our list, get in touch through our Contacts Page.

Third Party Cookies

This website also provides cookies to third parties (such as social networks’ buttons) that are used to provide further services and functions to users in order to simplify the use of the website itself or provide customized advertisement. This website has no control over their cookies, as they are entirely under the control of third parties, nor does it have access to the data collected by aforementioned cookies. The data regarding the cookies and their purpose, and everything related to the disabling of such cookies, is usually provided by the third parties on their own pages.

We remind you that the tracking of users does not imply the identifications of such users, unless the user is subscribed to the service and has logged in, in which case the user has explicitly expressed his consensus directly to the third party upon subscription to the specific service (i.e. Facebook).

This website uses cookies of the following third parties:

  • Google Inc.
    For more information related to Google data collection and handling, please see Google Privacy Policy and the related purposes for the use of collected data by Google when using partnered websites and apps.
  • Woocommerce
    To keep track of cart data, WooCommerce makes use of 3 cookies:
    – woocommerce_cart_hash
    – woocommerce_items_in_cart
    – wp_woocommerce_session_The first two cookies contain information about the cart as a whole and helps WooCommerce know when the cart data changes. The final cookie (wp_woocommerce_session_) contains a unique code for each customer so that it knows where to find the cart data in the database for each customer. No personal information is stored within these cookies.
  • Social networks buttons and widgets
    Social buttons are those specific “buttons” that can be found on a website with the logos of social networks (such as LinkedIn) that allow users to interact with the platform with a simple “click”. Social buttons send to links and functions from the depicted social network. Using such a feature does not imply the installation of third party cookies. You can read the Privacy Policy related to social networks and social buttons at this link.

Social Networks Plugins

This website includes plugins and/or buttons aimed at allowing n easy sharing of content on your favorite social networks. When visiting a page on our website containing a plugin, your browser connects directly to the social network’s servers from which the plugin is loaded. Such server can track your visit to our website and, if necessary, link it to your social account, especially if you are logged in or if you’ve browsed on website containing social plugins. If you don’t wish for the social network to record the data related to your visit on our website, you should log out from your social account, and perhaps delete the cookies that the aforementioned social network has installed on your browser.

On this website, there are plugin installed with functions related to the advanced protection of users’ privacy that don’t send cookies, nor have access to cookies that are installed on the User’s browser upon opening the web page, but only after clicking on the plugin.

The collection and handling of information from third parties are regulated in compliance with the related privacy policies, which we ask you to refer to.

– Facebook (link cookie)
– Twitter (link cookie)
– LinkedIn (link cookie)
– Google+ (link cookie).

Security measures

We handle users data with great care and attention, with appropriate security measures to avoid access from unauthorized parties, and the unauthorized change, disruption or spreading of data. We strive to make sure that your personal data is safe. We handle data in a way that is strictly related to the purpose for which the data is being collected. Some specific external parties might have access to certain specific data in limited situations: we’re referring to people that are involved in the management of the website (suppliers of technical services, hosting providers).

Users rights

In compliance with the European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and Article. 7 of D. Lgs. 30 June 2003, n. 196, the user can benefit from the following rights:

  • Oppose, partially or totally in compliance with the current limitations, to the handling of his or her personal data for advertisement purposes or for the direct sale, or market research and marketing communication;
  • Ask for confirmation of the existence of personal data regarding him (right to access);
  • Know the origin of such data;
  • Receive intelligible communication in regard to it;
  • Have information regarding logistic, ways and purpose of such handling;
  • Ask for the update, correction, adding, deleting, or changing in anonymous form, the halt to illegal handling, included those that are no longer necessary for the purpose they were collected;
  • If the collection was based on consensus, receive at the cost of the support, his data provided by the collector, in a structured and readable form for a data calculator in a format that is commonly used on electronic devices;
  • To present a claim to the regulations Authority (Privacy Warrantor – link )
  • Generally, all the rights that are possessed by users and ensured by the current regulations.

All requests are to be sent to the handling controller.

Handling Controller

The Controller in compliance with current regulations is

Antonio Regoli
Case Sparse, 429/a – 06046 Norcia (PG)
+39 339 777 6848

That can also be reached through the Contacts page.

The web hosting (Aruba S.p.A. – Via San Clemente, 53 – 24036 Ponte San Pietro (BG) is responsible for the handling, dealing with data on behalf of the controller. Kinetica S.r.l. is part of the European Economic Area and acts in compliance with the European regulations (policy privacy Aruba).

Google is also responsible for the it, handling data on behalf of the controller.


This privacy policy is updated to May 25th 2018.